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How It Works

Browse through beats and find one you like.  Once you find "the one," hit me up so we can talk about it!


Once you know which beats you want, contact me via email so we can talk sample clearance and payment options.  Beat Tag will be removed upon purchase.

Once all samples are cleared, I will send you an invoice to purchase an exclusive license to your beat along with stems/trackouts. Make sure to read the Exclusive License before proceeding to checkout.  Upon confirmation, you will receive an email with download links to your new beat!

  • What are the terms of an Exclusive License?
    You can find the terms here.
  • Can I lease your beats?
    No, I only sell exclusive licenses.
  • How do I clear samples?
    Once you contact me about which beat you are interested in, we will talk about sample clearance. I will either send you the sample information with clear and simple instructions on how to clear it, or I will clear it myself depending on where I got the sample.
  • How do I get my beat?
    Once all dues are paid, you will receive a ZIP folder with your untagged beat along with stems/trackouts (48kHz, 24-bit WAV files.)


Contact me

Contact Me


Social Media

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Have any questions about purchasing hip hop beats? I encourage you to reach out with ANY inquiries, questions, or comments you may have.  Feel free to message me below, or by email or socials.

Thanks for submitting!

About Me

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Daniel Kai

Daniel Kai is a skilled beatmaker, producer, and mixing engineer from Milwaukee, WI. Coming off of his first EP, “Josh’s Dinner,” he is continuing to produce boom bap style instrumentals. Other than that, he has done front of house live mixing for Milwaukee Area Technical College student concerts several times, as well as mixing in his own production. Daniel has practice mixing in multiple genres including hip hop, rock, jazz, and funk.

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